2020 UK Series | SB20 Class

2020 UK Series


2020 National Series – National Championships plus best 2 results count (National Championships and Cowes Grand Slam have a 0.8 multiplier)

2020 Solent Series – Best 4 out of 7 results count

The table below identifes which events feature in the UK National Series and the Solent Series. It also includes the Grand Slam Series and World Championships (plus Portugese Nationals as a worlds warm up).

2020 Event Date UK National Series Solent Series Note
Asian Grand Slam 6-9 Feb      
Frostbite Champs (Warsash SC) 14-15 March    YES  www.sb20class.com/uk-frostbite-championships/
Warsash SC Spring Series 15, 22, 29 March, 5 April     Four Sundays
Northern Championships (Windemere) 28-29 March YES    
Warsash SC Spring Champs WE1 18-19 April     Twin weekend event
Warsash SC Spring Champs WE2 25-26 April   YES Twin weekend event
Vice Admiral’s Cup (RORC) 16-17 May   YES Weekend Event (no longer 3 days)
Southern Champs (RTYC) 23-25 May YES    
Dutch Grand Slam & N. Sea Regatta 30 May-2 June      
Round the Island Race 30 May     Stand Alone Event
UK Sprint Champs (Portland) 11 Jun  YES   Coached event
UK National Champs (Portland) 12-14 Jun  YES   For National Series multiply result by 0.8
Portuguese Nationals 26-28 June      
Belgian Nationals (Ostend) 3-5 July      
Summer Regatta (Cascais) 11-12 July      
Royal Solent YC Taitinger Regatta  18-19 July   YES  
Cowes Week Grand Slam  8-11 Aug  YES   For National Series multiply result by 0.8
Cowes Week Mini Slam 12-15 Aug    YES  
Cascais Vela (Worlds warm Up) 28-30 Aug      
World Champs (Cascais) 31 Aug-5 Sept      
Royal Southern YC Sept. Regatta 19-20 Sept    YES  
Hamble One Design Champs WE1 10-11 October   YES Twin weekend Event
Hamble One Design Champs WE2 24-25 October     Twin weekend Event
Inland Championships TBC YES    



UK National Series

  • Southern Area Championships
  • Northern Area Championships
  • UK Inland Championships
  • UK Sprint Championships
  • UK National Championships*
  • Cowes Grand Slam (1sthalf of Cowes Week)*

National Series Qualification & Scoring

  • UK National Championships plus best two other results count (may include DNC)
  • For events a boat does not race in it will score DNC, (DNC = number of entries in busiest event plus 1)

National Series Weighting for Major Events

  • * For the National Series a 0.8 multiplier is applied to both the UK Nationals and the Cowes Grand Slam results, i.e. your final event result will be multiplied by 0.8 before becoming a series result.
  • Multipliers are not applied to DNC scores

National Series Entry

  • Every paid up SB20 member/boat that competes in one or more series events will automatically be entered into the UK National Series.


Solent Series

  • Frostbite Championships
  • Warsash SC Spring Championships (single weekend)
  • RORC Vice Admirals Cup
  • Royal Solent YC Taitinger Regatta
  • Cowes Mini Slam (2ndhalf of Cowes Week)
  • Royal Southern YC September Regatta
  • Hamble One Design Championships (single weekend)

Solent Series Qualification & Scoring

  • 1 event counts as a series
  • If only 1 or 2 events are sailed all results count. If 3 or 4 events are sailed then 1 discard is applied.  If 5 events are sailed then your best 3 results count.  If 6 or more events are sailed your best 4 results count.
  • For events a boat does not race in it’s series score will be DNC, (DNC = number of series entries plus 1)

Solent Series Weighting for Major Events

  • There are no multipliers in 2020

Solent Series Entry

  • Every paid up SB20 member/boat that competes in one or more of the series events will automatically be entered into the Solent Series. 

If a dispute arises as to the wording of the above notice or scoring (for either series) then the UK Class Secretary’s opinion on the intended wording will be applied and will be final.