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Check SB20 Major events 2018 for the events this year. If you have an event to add, please email the information about it to and we will add it to the Class calendar.



Country Event, Dates & Venue 
AUS Showdown Series, 3-4 November 2018, Hobart, Tasmania
1st SB20 Cascais Winter Series, 3-4 November 2018, Clube Naval de Cascais, Portugal
  French National Championships9-11 November, COYCH, Hyères, France
  SB20 Australian Nationals, 29 Nov – 02 Dec, Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania

Hamble Winter Series One Design opening 2019

The first Weekend of the Hamble Winter Series One Design Championship got off to a better start than had been feared. For the whole of previous week the forecast was...
Anna ZykovaOctober 18, 20180